May 5, 2016

Beach Tour

Beach Tour

Day 1

Ottinene Beach

Place : Byndoor
Ottinene is one of the important tourist attractions especially to view the spectacular sunset, which is first visit in our beach tour package.

beach tour ottinene beach

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Day 1

Trasi Maravanthe Beach

Place : Trasi Maravanthe
Trasi Maravanthe Beach is one of the most picturesque locations. On the western side of Trasi Maravanthe beach is the Arabian Sea, while on the eastern side runs the Sowparnika river. This is one of the magnificent view in your beach tour package.

Maravanthe-Beach Beach tour

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Day 1

Turtle Bay

Place : Trasi Maravanthe
Turtle Bay Beach Water Sports and Beach Resort offers you the luxury of lounging on pristine golden sands, amidst swaying coconut palms and refreshing swims in the sea.

trasi_scuba_diving beach tour

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Day 1

Scuba Diving

Place : Trasi Maravanthe
Explore the myriad colors of the coral reefs, while you scuba dive and go snorkeling.

turtle_bay_trasi beach tour

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Day 2

St.Mary’s Island

Place : Malpe
Out of the four islands which form St. Mary’s Islands, the northernmost island has a basaltic rock formation in a hexagonal form, the only one of its type in India.

St_Mary's_Island beach tour
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Day 2

Malpe Beach

Place: Malpe
A natural port located just 6 km from Udupi, Karnataka; the Malpe beach is known for its charming and attractive golden brown sand and turquoise blue waters. It is lined with palm trees and the blue skies above add to the scene, providing a perfect picture. Your vacation will be complete when you lie down on the sand and enjoy every bit of the natural splendour around you, along with the cool air from the sea and shades from the palms.

malpe_beach beach tour

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Day 2

Kaup Beach

Place : Kaup
The Kaup beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. The beach is a serene place with nature’s beauty in abundance. There is a Lighthouse on the shore of the Arabian Sea.

kaup beach beach tour

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